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Understanding the Key Differences Between Living Wills and Last Will & Testaments
The Chamberlain Law Firm

Living Wills vs. Last Will & Testaments: What You Need to Know As New Jersey estate planning attorneys, we understand the importance of creating a comprehensive plan that covers various aspects of your life. Two critical components of a well-rounded estate plan are a living will and a last will and testament. These legal documents…

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Can the State Claim My Property After I Die? A Guide to Estate Recovery
The Chamberlain Law Firm

Introduction Medicaid estate recovery is a federally mandated program that allows states to recoup some of the costs of Medicaid benefits paid on behalf of a recipient, particularly for long-term care services. Despite the importance of this program, it is often overlooked by individuals when planning their estate. Hence, it is important to understand the…

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The Importance of Medical Power of Attorney: A Comprehensive Guide for New Jersey Residents
The Chamberlain Law Firm

A medical power of attorney (MPOA) is a vital legal document that allows you to appoint a trusted individual to make healthcare decisions on your behalf when you are unable to do so. Whether you are facing a temporary medical crisis or a long-term incapacity, having an MPOA in place can provide you with peace…

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What Is an Executor?
The Chamberlain Law Firm

One of the first choices a Will’s author has to make is deciding who will serve as their Executor. An Executor, or Personal Representative, is a trusted individual who is responsible for fulfilling the provisions of the decedent’s will. With this great power comes a great responsibility to tie up the decedent’s loose ends such…

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What Is a Special Needs Trust?
The Chamberlain Law Firm

Any parent of a special-needs child knows how useful government benefits such as Medicaid, Supplemental Security Income, or housing assistance could be in contributing to treatment and care costs. In order to qualify for these benefits, a parent must verify their income is below a certain amount by passing a stringent assets test. It is…

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How to Revoke a Will
The Chamberlain Law Firm

Former President John F. Kennedy said: “Change is the law of life”. The main reason a Testator or Testatrix decides to revoke a will is because their economic or social situation changes. This means the Will no longer accurately depicts the author’s final wishes. If this occurs, our seasoned estate planning attorney may recommend revoking…

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