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Brian is very excited to recommend The Chamberlain Law Firm

Brian N

Charles enjoyed the experience with The Chamberlain Law Firm

Charles R

Mr. Chamberlain went above and beyond helping me figure out the next steps in planning for my elderly father’s future. One can imagine how overwhelming and confusing this process can be. However, his office made it really easy, took the time to answer my many questions. . I would definitely recommend his office to anyone who needs elderly planning done.

Cheryl Berkowitz

Danielle is very excited to recommend The Chamberlain Law Firm

Danielle S

Dave thinks you should try The Chamberlain Law Firm

Dave G

Mr. Chamberlain was thorough, professional, and courteous. He did a great job!

Dave Gross

The Chamberlain Law Firm got a great recommendation by David

David L

Andrew was very responsive to my questions regarding estate planning. He’s very knowledgeable and would recommend him to others in need of estate planning.

Eric M

Andrew is a great resource for Surrogate Court issues in both NY and NJ. Timely response and always willing to go the extra step. Highly recommend him.

Eric Malinowski

So appreciative of the amazing services Andrew Chamberlain provided me. I needed help with a will. Andrew was very knowledgeable and answered all of my questions. He and Collette were very responsive and helpful. I highly recommend Andrew Chamberlain and his office.

Erika S

We worked with Andrew on our wills, power of attorney, and health directives. He was very responsive and the quality of what we received was excellent. It was definitely a step up from our previous documents in the detail provided, the information covered and the options we wanted to explore. Even during a pandemic, it was seamless and easy to do. We were very pleased and impressed and would recommend him to others.

Evelyn Noether

I did not know what to expect when my husband and I decided to make our wills. We don't have an attorney and I was looking on line for attorneys who did estate law. I am glad we picked Andrew . We filled out all the paperwork on line then went over it all with Andrew on the phone. When we went into the office to sign our wills it took us 15 minutes. He and his staff made it an easy process.

Gary Dasilva

Very professional and extremely understanding to my situation.

Jeff Bilsky

Jim Strongly Recommends The Chamberlain Law Firm

Jim F

Jonathan thinks you should try The Chamberlain Law Firm

Jonathan D

Andrew Chamberlain is both a knowledgeable attorney and good listener. He's eager to help you solve problems and considers the outcomes for all parties. Highly recommended!

Jonathan DeRosa

My family hired Andrew J. Chamberlain to create multiple wills, as well as establish family trusts. We found working with Andrew to be a wonderful experience. He is incredibly kind, intelligent and always made us feel that he had our best interests at heart. We would not have been able to navigate through theses processes without his support and guidance. We look forward to working with Andrew again and highly recommend him.

Jonathan Leach

June suggests you use The Chamberlain Law Firm

June K

We contacted Andrew to help us with our estate planning. He was very detailed and helpful in explaining what we would need to consider and how the law works. I feel very well prepared now. He also reached out to me later after he had researched the laws in a different state where I own property. He made suggestions for titling updates to ensure an easy transition to my heirs and facilitated the updates for me. I just had to show up to sign. Andrew is very professional and thorough. I highly recommend his services.

June Pachalis Keister

Truly enjoyed working with Andrew. His explanations about our trust, will, power of attorney and healthcare detectives were clear. When we had questions about our trust, will, power of attorney and healthcare directive he was always prompt in replying.

Kayla C

It was a pleasure working with Andrew and he showed compassion for my situation with the financial challenges we were facing as he provided expertise in elder law and estate planning we needed. He was professional and polite and very informative so I would highly recommend him

Ken S

Andrew was professional and provided timely and valuable information to me about estate planning and elder law that I needed. His firm is definitely someone I would highly recommend

Ken Sternfeld

Lisa suggests you use The Chamberlain Law Firm

Lisa K

Very positive experience preparing our estate plan which included our wills, power of attorneys and healthcare directives. Andrew and his team were extremely easy to work with. Any time we had a question he responded promptly either by email or phone. He explained everything in detail and gave us all the pertinent information needed so we can make these important decisions confidently. A truly pleasant experience.

Lisa Klein-DiBlasio

Louis LOVED The Chamberlain Law Firm

Louis B

Excellent legal services. Andrew Chamberlain will fight for you, guide you in the right direction, and is very responsive even during off periods in the legal process. Not much more you can ask for from an attorney

Luis Daniel

marcus enjoyed the experience with The Chamberlain Law Firm

marcus H

Marilyn Strongly Recommends The Chamberlain Law Firm

Marilyn M

When I was faced with some health issues and realized that my current "legal zoom" will wasn't enough, I began a search for local firms. I recognized the name Andrew Chamberlain as a school friend of my daughter. She advised me that Andrew was someone I could trust completely and I'm so glad I called. He and his assistant guided me through the process quickly and completely with every concern addressed. I highly recommend the Andrew Chamberlain Law Firm.

Marilyn Matthieson

The Chamberlain Law Firm got a great recommendation by Mark

Mark W

Andrew Chamberlain has devoted many hours consulting with me to insure that my will reflect my wishes. He alerted me about many details I would never have considered. I recommend him highly.

Mark Wright

Working with Andrew Chamberlain was far the most impressive experience I have had in preparing my Estate Documents which included a Trust, Living Will, Healthcare Directives, POA. He was incredibly thorough and truly a wonderful educator. He ensured that I had full understanding of each and everything artifact I was signing. He took the time to answer my questions and his responses were thoughtful and extensive - I learned so much through this process. What could have been a very complicated undertaking was quite painless. In my roles of in the Quality realm, I seek professionals who are truly at the level of high quality, who absolutely hold to their position and Andrew exceeded my expectations. I am very grateful I had the opportunity to have his guidance. I will highly recommend him to my colleagues, friends and family.

Micheline R

nicole LOVED The Chamberlain Law Firm

nicole C

Extremely friendly & helpful staff.

Patricia Contino

Patrick suggests you use The Chamberlain Law Firm

Patrick C

Had a bunch of questions regarding my fathers estate and i reached to Andrew and he answered all of my questions in a timely and professional manner, even reaching out to me on the weekend to answer any question i had. I highly recommend Andrew to anybody who needs a reliable and dependable attorney.

Patrick Culhane

I had questions regarding my deceased fathers estate and Andrew answered all of my questions in a timely and professional manner. He even got back to me on the weekend! He used his own personal experiences on the subject to help me better understand what needed to be done. I highly recommend his services!

Patrick Culhane

Tina enjoyed the experience with The Chamberlain Law Firm

Tina F

Thank you to Andrew Chamberlain and Collette for working on my Husband and my Trust. It was a very comprehensive package. Andrew knew of everything that should be included to protect us and our assets. We are now working on funding our assets to protect it from courts and probate etc. I recommend everyone consider preparing for the possible unexpected event like death which is part of life. We have all witnessed many friends and family members dying unexpectedly from Covid-19 and other related illnesses. Be prepared and save your family the heartache and money that can be tied up in court if you don't. Thank you again Andrew and Collette for giving us a peace of mind.

Tina Flores-King

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