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Probate is the legal process of distributing an estate after you pass away. If you designate an executor in your will, that person is in charge of carrying out the directions in your will. If you die without a will, a court appoints an administrator to handle these responsibilities.

Serving as an executor or administrator can be complicated and time consuming.  It will likely require you to review tax returns; access bank accounts and securities that may have no beneficiaries; sell homes, cars, and other assets; make distributions; keep detailed records on all transactions, potentially providing an accounting when demanded; plus a lot more.

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Probate Litigation

Andrew started his practice as a litigator, working for a Judge and in various practice areas, including as an Assistant Prosecutor in Union County.  He continues his practice by representing plaintiffs and defendants in probate litigations throughout New Jersey and New York.

Andrew always strives to help his clients make good decisions while at trial or in settlement negotiations. His guiding principle is to make sure his clients know how the law applies to their unique situation and what their options are. Based on this knowledge and guidance, Andrew works to get his clients favorable results in a cost-effective way.

Fiduciary Guidance

Serving as an executor, estate administrator, or trustee can be challenging.

For all of these roles, there are specific responsibilities outlined in the will or trust, as well as legal obligations. It is extremely important to adhere to all your responsibilities or you could be personally liable for any mistakes.

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