5 Benefits of Divorce Mediation during the Covid-19 Pandemic

5 Benefits of Divorce Mediation during the Covid-19 Pandemic

September 12, 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic has drastically changed normal business operations, and the courts are not an exemption. Most courts have significant backlogs with trials and hearings postponed to unknown dates, meaning that litigants cannot access the courts. So, what’s next for the legal system that we rely upon?

Well, all hope is not lost as technology proves to be a crucial element in getting us through these difficult times. At the moment, online video conferencing is helping us virtually “attend” meetings and conferences. The legal field is also embracing online platforms to conduct its business. Among the key beneficiaries of online business operations is divorce mediation.

Typically, divorce mediation is conducted in-person. However, limitations on in-door capacity and practices such as social distancing are now the new normal, so mediation must change. The good news is that those who wish to mediate their divorce can still do so. Online mediation has so far been effective, and here are some of the benefits of doing this during the Covid-19 pandemic.

1. Convenience

Online mediation is convenient since it can be used by anyone regardless of physical location. Spouses seeking a divorce in different geographical areas can proceed with mediation without showing up to a mediator’s office or conference room. All that the parties need to do is schedule an appointment and log-in to platforms such as Zoom or Google Meet at an agreed time, and it’s business as usual.

2. Guaranteed Safety

Covid-19 is highly contagious and spreads through contact with infected people and surfaces. Thanks to online divorce mediation, spouses can mediate from their homes and guarantee their safety. Lack of traveling or mingling with people in public places is a perfect example of social distancing: a highly effective practice of keeping ourselves safe from contracting the virus.

3. Healthy Mediation Environment

It’s no secret that many couples who want to get divorced have trust issues, and some cannot even meet face to face. While mediation is difficult in these combative relationships, if it is possible, doing it online provides personal space and physical distance that is impossible to get in-person. Accordingly, it may be worth a try, even in these circumstances. 

4. Online Mediation Will Speed up Your Divorce

As mentioned above, most courts are not fully operational, and litigants may have to wait for an unknown future date to have their day  in court. When courts do open, there will be a backlog of cases that will take a while to dig out from. One of the advantages of divorce mediation is that it is a simple process that can quickly occur without setting foot in court. Mental health and financial professionals can also attend online divorce mediation sessions without risking their health.

5. Instant document Sharing

Technology also allows virtual divorce mediation parties to share, review, and edit documents quickly, just like in an actual face-to-face meeting. Furthermore, parties can sign relevant documents containing details of their agreement using one of the many electronic signature platforms.

As you can see, people who want to mediate their divorce can still do so during the COVID crisis. And, if you and your spouse are looking for a solution that is convenient, safe, and fast, please contact AJC Law by visiting www.schedulefreeconsult.com or calling 201-664-0540.


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